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Shadow boxing - Beyond basics - Variety

In this third video we are going to look at how we can tweak the basic combinations we have already covered to give us a bit more variety in our punch selection.

The first way we can do this is with a level change. So far, all our combinations have been targeting the head however if your opponent has a good high guard, they might be able to block all the shots. By changing level, we can 'spread the target' allowing us to land clean shots to unguarded areas or cause our opponent to open their guard to protect these new targets. Start with a single level change and as you get more comfortable work in several changes on the longer combinations. Remember to lower your weight as opposed to punching downwards when targeting the body.

The second concept involves doubling up shots. This can be a good way to catch someone unexpectedly as most combinations involve throwing shots on alternate sides i.e. left then right or right then left. To generate power in the second shot you will need to 'reload' after the first getting back into the right position to allow you to put your bodyweight behind it.

Lastly, we look at changing a shot in the combo. Start simple and pick one shot to replace. Maybe change your left hooks to left upper cuts in combos 3 & 4 or swap out a cross for a rear uppercut.

Practice each of the above in isolation and start slowly ensuring you keep good mechanics. Once you are comfortable you can start combining the concepts above. Remember to still drill the standard 1-4 so they will be ingrained in your muscle memory and come out instinctively but use the above concepts to start bringing some variety into your combos.


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