4D Combat Instructor

Regarded by many as the godfather of JKD and the Filipino martial arts in Europe, Bob was a founder member of the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation in 1987 and founder of the European Arnis Kali Eskrima Federation in 1992.


He fought in the first World Championships in the Philippines in 1989, as well as being team coach in 1989 and in 1992.

Bob is qualified as a full instructor in JKD and Kali under Dan Inosanto.


BJJ, JKD, 4D Combat Instructor

Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt (under 3rd Degree De La Riva black belt David Onuma), Steve is a two time IBJJF European Champion, European Masters Champion, Silver medallist in World Masters Championships (and four time World medallist), as well as multiple gold medallist winner from British and London Championships.  

He is also a black belt in JKD/  Kali under 4D's Guro Bob Breen as well as a 5th Dan black belt in Karate. Steve is a former Karate International Athlete and National Karate Champion.

Steve teaches Jiujitsu and 4D Combat classes at the Breen Legacy Academy.


JKD & Kickboxing Instructor

Paul has black belts in JKD and Karate, and a profound knowledge of various submission arts. He has been studying BJJ and No-Gi grappling all over London for over a decade, most recently with Roger Gracie Vie Academy.


During his 20 years as a martial artist, Paul has fought in all types of competition from Karate, BJJ, Submission Wrestling and MMA, where he is undefeated in amateur and semi pro. 


Paul teaches high level boxing, Jun Fan Kickboxing, Filipino Kali empty hands and Thai boxing at the academy.


JKD & Kickboxing Instructor

Carl began with Lau Gar Kung Fu and Chinese Kickboxing with Master Stan Brown in 1983, when he competed in many semi contact competitions. He then began training with Bob Breen in 1999, when he was introduced to Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai Boxing, Jun Fan Gun Fu /JKD.


He achieved black belt under Guru Bob Breen in 2005 and has been instructing since 2009.


Carl has a keen interest in developing individual training programmes for students and has the ability to motivate students and break techniques down into simple moves.


JKD & Escrima Instructor

A 20 year veteran of martial arts with a fight record to back it up, Carl has been teaching regularly at the academy since 2011. During this period he's achieved his black belt in JKD and Associate Level 3 instructor qualification under Guro Bob Breen. He also holds Associate Level instructorships under Guro’s Dan Inosanto and Rick Faye, and Senior Associate Level under David Onuma in both Jun Fan Gung Fu and Filipino Martial Arts, as well as black belt in CFS kickboxing, also under David Onuma.


He has trained extensively abroad including Muay Thai in Thailand, Escrima in the Philippines, Wu Shu in China and JKD at the Inosanto Academy in LA. He's competed inter-club in boxing and kickboxing, and nationally in BJJ, and he's represented Great Britain across the world in full contact stick fighting for over a decade.  


He is currently 15 x British champion, 3 x European champion and 6 x World silver medalist under GSBA and WEKAF.  A highly technical instructor, he uses his wealth of knowledge and fight experience to develop students of any level, benefiting beginners and black belts alike.


BJJ  & 4D Combat Instructor

Will has been training in a variety of martial arts since xxxx. He joined the Bob Breen Academy in 2012 and received his black belt 2018. Shortly after that, he began teaching at the academy.


This prompted a change in careers and he pursued a path as a professional personal trainer and martial arts instructor.


He has also fought K1 kickboxing and Muay Thai at an amateur and semi professional level.


He still currently competes, and uses his knowledge of strength and conditioning to help run fight camps for the rest of the team.


His life is dedicated to becoming the best martial artist he can be and sharing his experience with others to help them achieve this goal too.


4D Combat Instructor

Rosh’s martial arts career started in 1999, having initially focused on Kung Fu (under the late Grand Master Dutton) attaining brown belt. Before joining Bob Breen, he cross-trained in Muai Thai, boxing, vale tudo, MMA and JKD.

Rosh joined Bob and the team in 2009, gaining his black belt in 2014 (teaching from 2015).

Having been unfortunate enough to have been involved in a number of real life self-defence scenarios as well as participating in inter-club competitions, Rosh has first hand insight into what works in reality and in competition.

Being a father of two and working full-time in the City, Rosh is attuned to the demands of life which drives his teaching style: effective, focused, simple and fun.

Rosh is also a keen cyclist and continues to cross-train in boxing, Muai Thai and BJJ.


4D Combat Instructor

Madlen has been studying various disciplines of martial arts since the age of 15 and has trained under a number of different instructors.


She joined the academy in 2016.


Since then, she has participated in a number of fight camps and decided to step into the ring herself.


She has competed in three K1 kickboxing fights and one Muay Thai fight, which - in conjunction with her training and teaching experience - has given her the insight to design classes that are challenging and fun, and that progressively develop all participants' fitness and skill levels.

New City Fitness (formally SPACe), Redvers Street, London, N1 6NE, England

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