We offer a unique Martial Arts & Mobility class to employers who truly care about their employees’ wellbeing.

March 2020, a lot of us were stripped of our usual routines and through constantly changing regulations as well as the colder months, it has become increasingly difficult to stay active.


We all appreciate that physical activity is not just necessary to keep our bodies fit, but also to keep our minds healthy and sharp.

Knowing the difficulties people face, we redesigned our classes to help you and your employees to stay strong, healthy and productive within the government restrictions.


Our new and unique martial arts and mobility classes are now taught via Zoom, needing only minimal floor space and no training partner.


  • 8 Weeks

    Zoom Martial Arts and Mobility Classes

    Get in touch to trial our new and unique 45-minute Martial Arts & Mobility classes. 


    Each class consist of three elements:

    • Mobility - lockdown and working from home have made us move less and less. This class will start with 15 minutes of warm-up and mobility exercises to offset the hours spent sitting each day. 

    • Martial Arts - our homes have become our office, so it has become increasingly difficult to catch a break from work. Learning some basic martial arts techniques will help you disconnect and take your mind off work. 

    • Breathing exercises - for the last five minutes you will go through specific breathing exercises to relax your body and to help you re-focus and go back to your desk. 


    ​​Our online packages are bespoke for you and can cover the curriculum for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

  • 8 Weeks

    Zoom Mobility and Stretch Classes

    Get in touch to trial our new 45-minute Mobility & Stretch classes designed to alleviate lower back, shoulder and neck pain.

    Most jobs involve sitting for long periods, which we know is bad for our physical and mental health and well-being. Now, with working from home with mostly sub-optimal work setups has made lower back, shoulder and neck pain a common occurrence. Our classes are specifically designed to alleviate pain and reverse these conditions. 

    Our Mobility and Stretch classes consist of mobility exercises to gently warm up the muscles and lubricate the joints. Activating and strengthening muscles that are generally underused to improve postural imbalances.


    Our coaches will guide you into deep stretches to release tension in the muscle and around the joints. With proper coaching and positioning, you will learn how to find the right level of stretch, that is satisfying and effective without being painful.
    We’ll end each class with five minutes of breathing exercises to relax and re-focus your mind to get back to work.

  • Bob Breen Package

    8 Weeks

    Learn the art of 4D Combat from a practical, self-defence standpoint. Understand the principles and philosophies behind some of the most pioneering self defence systems on the planet. 

  • Rocky Balboa Package 

    6 Weeks

    Hit like a fighter! We will bring everything you need to hit hard, fight well and get a sweat on.

    Have a more cardio intensive workout while still learning new skills and techniques. 

  • John Wick Package 

    8 Weeks

    Learn knife awareness and improvised weapons in a safe and controlled environment. Become more aware of your surroundings and potentially hostile situations. Bring a bit of order to the chaos! 

  • 300 Package 

    8 Weeks

    Building a team is more than just a weekly meeting. It requires collaboration, cohesion and trust. Learn the art of Filipino stick fighting and bond over a skill that requires both dexterity and faith in your group! 


I’d say this is one of the best additions to any office I can remember. I’m really grateful to Will and you for introducing something that mixes fun, pragmatism and exercise all in one.


I have never done self defence before. Will makes it such a fun and friendly environment. He explains things really well to make it inclusive and accessible! I love going home and teaching my flat mates my moves every Friday.


I was going to do yoga but this was way better!


It has allowed me to relax and find a nice comfortable place in my mind where I can forget about all my daily stress.


The importance of staying motivated, looking after health both mentally and physically while learning new skills and being part of the team helps to minimise fear of COVID 19.


Pursuing a martial practice helps me have a clear mind.


Helps my mental health and overall fitness.


New City Fitness (formally SPACe), Redvers Street, London, N1 6NE, England

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