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We offer two six-week corporate martial arts packages: the Self-Defence & Awareness course and the Rocky Balboa course.


These courses can be held at our academy in Hoxton, or we can come to your office, space permitting. 


We've designed these classes to help you and your employees stay strong, healthy and productive.


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Self-Defence & Awareness Course

6 Weeks

We cover awareness, eye contact, personal space, understanding your emotions in conflict, de-escalation skills and self-defence skills.


We will train your staff how to control the outcome of most conflict situations; and to know when to run or when to fight.

For more details, availability and pricing, please get in touch.

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Rocky Balboa Course

6 Weeks

Hit like a fighter! We will bring everything your team needs to hit hard, fight well and get a sweat on.

They will have a cardio intensive workout while still learning new skills and techniques. 

For more details, availability and pricing, please get in touch.

I’d say this is one of the best additions to any office I can remember. I’m really grateful to Will and you for introducing something that mixes fun, pragmatism and exercise all in one.


I was going to do yoga but this was way better!


The importance of staying motivated, looking after health both mentally and physically while learning new skills and being part of the team helps to minimise fear of COVID 19.


Helps my mental health and overall fitness.


I have never done self defence before. Will makes it such a fun and friendly environment. He explains things really well to make it inclusive and accessible! I love going home and teaching my flat mates my moves every Friday.


It has allowed me to relax and find a nice comfortable place in my mind where I can forget about all my daily stress.


Pursuing a martial practice helps me have a clear mind.


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