Use martial arts - its techniques and its philosophies - to shape how you think, feel and act at work and in life.

Our corporate sessions are for organisations that want a bespoke martial arts experience. We offer a range of packages to suit all group sizes.

  • Boost productivity and confidence

  • Build teamwork

  • Develop new skills

  • Have fun!

Prices vary depending on group sizes.

Contact us for more details or check out our packages and testimonials below.


  • Bob Breen Package

    8 Weeks

    Learn the art of 4D Combat from a practical, self-defence standpoint. Understand the principles and philosophies behind some of the most pioneering self defence systems on the planet. 

  • Rocky Balboa Package 

    6 Weeks

    Hit like a fighter! We will bring everything you need to hit hard, fight well and get a sweat on.

    Have a more cardio intensive workout while still learning new skills and techniques. 

  • John Wick Package 

    8 Weeks

    Learn knife awareness and improvised weapons in a safe and controlled environment. Become more aware of your surroundings and potentially hostile situations. Bring a bit of order to the chaos! 

  • 300 Package 

    8 Weeks

    Building a team is more than just a weekly meeting. It requires collaboration, cohesion and trust. Learn the art of Filipino stick fighting and bond over a skill that requires both dexterity and faith in your group! 


I’d say this is one of the best additions to any office I can remember. I’m really grateful to Will and you for introducing something that mixes fun, pragmatism and exercise all in one.


I have never done self defence before. Will makes it such a fun and friendly environment. He explains things really well to make it inclusive and accessible! I love going home and teaching my flat mates my moves every Friday.


I was going to do yoga but this was way better!


New City Fitness (formally SPACe), Redvers Street, London, N1 6NE, England

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