Founder and chief instructor Bob Breen is a master martial artist with over 50 years' experience at the highest level. 

Bob set up his first academy at Holy Trinity Church Hall in Hoxton, London in 1970. In 1989, he moved the academy to Hoxton Square (just outside of Shoreditch) and continued to develop a team of superb instructors, all with a competitive background. 

The Bob Breen Academy has been at the cutting edge of martial arts ever since - with many black belts considering a stint at the academy the de facto standard for achieving Mastery. 


The academy has been at its current Hoxton location since 2007. Now owned and run by Steve Payne and Paul Clark, the academy was renamed the Breen Legacy Academy in 2019, and is now called Legacy Martial Arts London.


We still continue to offer a friendly environment to practice martial arts, whether you're a beginner looking to get fit or an experienced martial artist looking to hone your skills.

We offer classes in a range of martial arts disciplines, including boxing, Dutch kickboxing, 4D Combat, stick fighting, stick boxing, JKD, Kali and jiujitsu (BJJ).


Bob continues to teach at the academy every week and we are proud to continue his martial arts legacy.