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How to progress on your Jiujitsu journey

Recently, we were so happy to host our very first Jiujitsu Grading:

Our Jiujitsu programme is very much in his early stages, so it was a pleasure to recognise the hard work done by our new students. 

On a weekly basis the coaches assess the ability of our students so making a decision to promote students during the Grading in theory is an easier process (most of the time LOL).

Most of our students had never experienced a grading before so were unsure about what to expect.  Some people took a little convincing that the Grading wasn’t going to be a “Battle Royale” - sometimes on the day we physically test the skills of certain students; especially if the student is nearing promotion to a new belt (i.e. from White to Blue, or from Blue to Purple).  This time we did the Grading before the main class started, so we just presented the promotions to the students.

Consistency is the key to progression.

Lewis became our 1st Brazilian Jiujitsu Bluebelt having come to us with several stripes on his White belt.  He pretty much attends every class and has demonstrated a full understanding of the Blue belt Curriculum.

We intend on making the Grading an event for our members where they can, not just get recognised for their achievements, and hang out socially, but to recognise the achievement of others within the team.

Well done to all those who Graded. 

Steve Payne

Owner and Head Jiujitsu Coach

Legacy Martial Arts London


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