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Filipino Martial arts - Cinco Teres

As with any other art, the core foundation of key movements is key. The shadow boxing version of stick free play is known as Karenza but prior to this expression you need to drill down with the basics. This is where the striking patterns of the Cinco Teros or 5 strikes come in. We use the patterns from the Inosanto-LaCosta system, passed down from Guro Dan Inosanto. Each Cinco Teres comprises of 5 strikes, all beginning with the forehand diagonal "angle 1", and ending with the midline thrust "angle 5". Transitioning from the angle 1 to 5 options and back to the angle 5 gives the core motions that can be used to build on the Karenza freeplay, and ultimately, combat. Cinco Teres are those first steps in striking, like the first formation of letters when writing. Basics, but that's where the gold lies. Get the basics right, learn how to hit well with good form, speed and power, and understand how to transition and your foundation will be strong.

Please check out this first of 5 videos in the series for our Virtual instructor CJ (CJMA)


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