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Legacy Martial Arts London has moved!

We have moved! You can now find us in our wonderful new space under the railway arches in Cremer Street in Hoxton - just one minute from Hoxton Overground Station.

We offer a unique opportunity to train in a number of martial arts systems, from Bob Breen’s 4D Combat, a stand up self defence system, which is a mix of JKD and Kali (a Filipino weapon-based style that is very versatile using your whole body as a weapon) to the renowned fighting art of Brazilian Jiujitsu.

We also teach sport-based martial arts styles, including boxing, Dutch kickboxing and stick fighting. All are a fantastic way to get fighting fit!

We offer a fantastic open matted area with a health bar to relax before or after training. And we teach kids Brazilian Jiujitsu too!

Come and join us; become part of our community and go through our unique grading system in 4D Combat and Brazilian Jiujitsu, from white belt to black belt.

A life changing experience.


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