Legacy Dutch Kickboxing

Dutch Kickboxing - at our New city fitness studio - two minutes I’m Hoxton overground.

Our Dutch Kickboxing sessions are without a doubt an all body workout using the whole body as a weapon.

The Session is fantastic for coordination, conditioning, Focus, stress release & goes without saying, a serious calories burn!

Dutch Kickboxing originates from a variation of the Thai boxing art Muay Thai. Originally in the Neatherlands Kyokushin Karate ( an art that stands very square and has a focus on kicks with the shins like Muay Thai except you can only punch to the body not he head) was popular, As well as Boxing. Both the arts are ethusiatic about hard and aggressive sparring. Kickboxing as it was in Europe at the time had tons of Shotokan karate, Taekwondo and Savate fights. When Kyokushin fights entered the sport they adjusted to the rules by introducing boxing to they're training. How ever some fighters sought opportunity in Thailand because of the prestigious Lumpine and Rajadamnern stadiums. Fights like Ramon Dekkers. After competing in Thailand and learning the way the Thais fought the Dutch Style became a staple in the art and was also dubbed Muay Mat by the Thais . Eventually when the combination of Kyokushin, Boxing , and Muay Thai came back to Europe it transformed into Dutch Kickboxing as many Dutch fighters who competed in Muay Thai went back into European Kickboxing scene.

An aggressive art with heavy hands and strong kicks, Dutch kickboxing is one of the top fighting art! plus a fantastic all body workout.

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