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4D combat – Self-defence - for all in Hoxton / Shoreditch at New City Fitness Only two minutes’ walk from Hoxton overground station.

4D Combat was developed from the two amazing arts of Jeet Kune Do and Kali. JKD developed by Bruce Lee was in many ways the original MMA of the modern era, whereas Kali is the ancient warrior art of the Philippines. Guro Bob Breen wanted a simpler model. Something that would work for normal people yet have all the depth of the arts from which it was derived. He made the decision that 4D would concentrate on stand-up fighting; where all fights start and most end. The name 4D Combat came about as it compromised the four dimensions that happen in stand-up combat: STRIKING, CLINCHING, WEAPONS, GROUP ATTACK.

Bob Breen’s aim with 4D was for people to achieve mastery in their lifetime and on their own terms; the art had to suit you: It had to be simple, instinctive and work whatever the situation.

4D has the same game formats or templates for whatever you’re doing, which makes you faster mentally and when you’re faster, you get luckier.

We offer the opportunity to grade to blackbelt in the unique 4D combat system

We specialise in helping total beginners, experienced martial artists and anyone in to get in or back into shape through Martial Arts.

Martial arts overall have huge mental health benefits, it reduces anxiety and depression, improves self-esteem, confidence and body image. It is also a brilliant way to re-energise and disconnect from work. It builds physical and mental strength, helps with fat loss and trains your whole body. On top of that, it’s an incredible way to make lifelong friends.

Our classes are suitable for any level and men and women. We have both male and female instructors and over the years, we have produced amazingly skilled black belts in JKD and 4D combat.

Not only do we offer a comprehensive grading system, we also offer the opportunity to compete in your chosen martial art. Our students have competed in kickboxing K1, Thai boxing, in Boxing bouts, full-armour stick fighting or Brazilian jujitsu tournaments all across the UK and Europe. Join the fight team and build your skills until you’re ready to compete!

Our instructors will make you feel comfortable, relaxed, ensure that you’re having fun throughout the class with progression at its heart.

Our classes will give you a great workout, you will become fitter, stronger and more confident in your own body!

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