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Boxing is one of the oldest and most efficient combat fighting systems known to man! Throughout the years, boxing has been the shining light of combat sports, using an array of punches, footwork, speed, head movement and strategic attack and defensive skills minimising the chances of getting hit!

Our Hoxton based boxing classes are designed for all levels and abilities - including complete beginners - and everyone is welcome to attend.

Boxing with sticks


Find the boxer in you with this unique way of doing boxing training at long range. It utilises padded sticks as pads and improves punching speed, hand-eye coordination, accuracy and footwork.

Learn to slip, bob and weave, snap back and how to hit your target with speed and accuracy.

The class is an hour long and consists of four sections:


  1. Footwork - as it's the best way not to be hit!

  2. Punch combinations from our Legacy number system and 4D Combat approach to boxing

  3. Slips, bob and weave, snapbacks to avoid getting hit and to move you around your opponent

  4. Finishing off - we'll put it all together 


On top of improving your skills, each class is a fantastic workout!

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